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    After Effects dual monitor issue

    j.suarez388 Level 1

      Just made the move to Windows 10, and I use a dual monitor setup to work with AE. It was fine when on Mac, but now, there's a weird issue going on.


      I like to keep my timeline on one monitor and my comp view on the other, the problem is, that anything that is not on my right monitor is not being handled as a 'window', meaning that I can't double click at the top bar of the window and make it snap to my monitor size, just like you do with any other window in Windows 10. I can't drag whatever is on my left monitor to the top or sides and make it snap to size.


      There is also no Minimize / Maximize buttons, only the Close button is present.


      Please take a look at this screen recording I am attaching to better understand what I am talking about.


      And by the way, I also use dual screen setup with other applications like Cinema 4D, and this doesn't happen. So far it's only happening with After Effects.