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    how to move mobile downloads folder

    rarewolf Level 1

      I see that Lr CC (Mac) has recently allowed for choosing where to keep photos exported from Lr Mobile.  However, while I have used preferences to change that location, changing the location doesn't appear to move what already exists.  I cannot seem to find more information on it, so I'd appreciate some help ...


      Lr's library "Folders" browser is also not showing the designated folder so I also cannot try option clicking and choosing 'Set as Lr Mobile downloads location'(?)  Also if I am finally able to move what already has been downloaded, is there a way to organize the folders iaw my chosen preferences?



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          john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The new preference setting only works for new photos/videos.


          Just drag the existing mobile photos/videos from the old location and drop them where you now want them.

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            rarewolf Level 1

            Thanks John ... sounds easy enough.  Except the Lr library browser isn' showing the folder in which they are now, nor is it showing the preferred folder. I can see the existing mobile uploads in a "collection" but I'm not sure if it shows all possible image files (as if I created the collection and it may not be up to date), but I still don't have a folder to which to drag them, leastwise in Lr...did you mean drag'n'drop with Finder? I suppose I could also create the new folder with Lr and then redefine the location via option click(?)

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