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    Changing an element inside a footage

    Guy Shenk

      Hey guys, I really need your help. I've got this footage of an anchorman and I would like to change a logo that appears on his shirt to another.

      Yep, quite a hassle since he moves around quite a lot.


      I'm trying to figure out whether there might be a better method than just tweaking each frame. Perhaps some workaround with the Roto Brush... I'm not sure. Waiting for your wisdom, thanks ahead!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It's very hard to say without actually seeing the footage but in most cases you want to stabilize or corner pin track the area which you want to replace then generate a replacement image and then remove the stabilization  and apply the tracking to the replacement image or use the corner pin tracking to replace the logo on the shirt. This may be better accomplished in mocha than in AE but what you do not want to do is try to hand paint on everything. That will be incredibly time-consuming and nearly impossible to make believable.


          If it does not break confidentiality post a link to the shot you want to work on and we can point you to the simplest solution.