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    Can I contact someone at Adobe to deauthorize my PC from Digital Editions? The email/ID the PC is currently registered with is a defunt old college email address which I do not remeber the password for and can no longer access to reset the password.


      Hello. I recently downloaded an ebook, which required me to sign up for an Adobe ID and download Digitial Editions (DE) in order to access it. After downloading DE and attempting to open the ebook,the message "Error! Check Authorization" appeared. I then went to the Help tab, and then the Erase Authorization tab, when I realised I had downloaded DE on my PC several years ago whilst at university, to access some textbooks, using a university email as the Adobe ID/login. I am however unable to deauthorize my PC from this old university email/ID as it requires a password to do so, which I do not remember. I cannot request a reset password because the university email is defunct and not accessible. There seems to be no way for me to "sign out" of the old university account/ID, therefore making DE (and using it to read ebooks) defunct on my PC. If I could successfuly deauthorize the university ID, I could sign back in with the new personal ID I created recently to access the ebook I had purchased. My question is essentially then, is there someone I can contact directly at Adobe, who at their end can independently deauthorize my PC from the old university email ID? (As explained, there is no way I am currently unable to deauthorize it myself.) I did chat to an adobe representative online but they were unable to help and directed me to the forums. Many thanks in advance for your help!