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    activate my device


      Hi there,

      I am a student in Savannah College of Art and Design and I have the

      Creative Cloud Student and Teacher edition (one-year, prepaid)

      I make the purchase couple months ago but i didn't successfully redeem it somehow and I just left it that way.

      Now I need to use creative cloud on my computer, however, the redeem code I have doesn't work at all.

      I logged in my account and I found theres no device activated.

      I downloaded creative cloud and the apps inside it and they all became 30 days trial.

      I have no idea whats going on. I emailed you guys once earilier today. I did exactly you guys told me to do, logging out then restart pc.

      The problem hasn't changed.

      I think I need to active my device-pc at first but I don't know how. I have used my account ([email removed-kglad) to download software and they are all trail version, meawhile there is no device on my activated devices.


      Please help me out.

      Thx so much.



      [image with account info removed-kglad]