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    File error with _LKR****.NEF format


      Back from a wedding and I find myselfe with a problem I have never seen before.
      The import from my Sandisk Extreme Compact Flash to LR 5 Failed. I tried to import the jpg backup with the same error. When I take a look at the filename, all the files that error are named with _LKR****.NEF _LKR****.JPG instead of DSC_****.NEF and the same for the JPGs.
      What is this? The image are just balck and green in LR. When I open it in camera RAW it is OK.
      Sooo whats up?

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          mysk83 Level 1

          When I tryied to open the photo from camera raw to photoshop it failed again saying it dos not recognize the file: /

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            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            It may be possible that you can change the prefix of images with a setting on your camera.  Maybe this has occurred.  It shouldn't change whether the photos are readable, though.


            I would be concerned that LKR is a prefix for CryptoLocker ransomware virus that has somehow attached your CF card but hopefully not your computer.  Normally CryptoLocker renames your files to have a .crypto (or similar) extension, but maybe the DCIM file-system on your camera can't handle long extensions and the virus resorts to a different prefix, instead.  I would think that the cryptolocker ransomware virus would render the images also gibberish on your camera which they are not, so I'm not sure about this possibility.


            In general, the reason you can see things on your camera but not in LR is that the camera is showing you a smaller preview jpg embedded at the beginning of the files where most of the file is the main image data and somehow that main image data is corrupted but the preview jpg is not.


            Without being able to explain why, satisfactorily, it seems as though your images have become corrupted on the computer.  The question would be whether they are already corrupted on the card or not.  Try transferring them, again, using a different method--camera-with-USB-connection vs memory-card-in-card-reader.