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    Setting specific layer visibility conditional to command buttons pressed


      I am making a map that has multiple layers and command buttons. For instance, a user can click multiple buttons that allow correlated layers to show when they are clicked on and off (i.e. click on the "Fire Extinguisher" and "Eye Wash Stations" buttons- and two layers will be shown- you can turn unlimited layers on and off).


      Where it gets complicated is that depending on a specific layer, the user can roll over another button on a specific layer that allows a pop-up to show. This pop-up was made by setting the layer visibility when only one layer was turned on. The problem is that however it gets rolled over, the other layers that may be clicked and turned on get turned off because it retracts back to the original layer I made the pop-up for. How do I make sure that the other layers don't get turned off when one pop-up shows on one layer?


      Hopefully this makes sense, it's a complicated question but help would be greatly appreciated!