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    What about InDesign?

    Rik Ramsay Level 4

      This looks like it could be a really cool app however I can't help but notice InDesign has been forgotten. Why can't we copy/paste from InDesign and keep the vector/shape integrity rather than just getting a bitmap? Muse was similar although you weren't even able to paste from InD into Muse.


      I may be in the minority for this but I now do most of my website layouts and prototyping in InDesign for various reasons, some of which I have called out below:

      • It's fast, and flexible, more so than Ai and PSD I find.
      • I can create libraries of recurring design blocks for multiple websites. This one in particular would be a huge time saver with Xd, the ability to save items as reusable items. Currently to make it work I would need to paste the block into Ai and then into Xd to create a file of these items. Xd could go one better by allowing us to import InD library items!
      • If needed, the prototype walk-through can be achieved by simply adding hyperlinks to any item on the page and exporting as PDF.


      For the last point, Xd would be very useful here if we could transition sections of the page, rather than the entire page. I imagine this would be similar to object states but it would need to better than InD's version as this only works when exported as SWF/ePub! As an example, if you have a dropdown nav on click, show that part changing without swapping out the page. This would also be true for any site that has a tabbed section - it would be a lot easier to swap that section rather than the entire page.

      Others have already pointed it out but having Xd responsive rather than static page sizes would be a huge benefit, especially as you have a way of recording the screen actions in the app itself, without using Quicktime.
      Overall, I love the simplicity of the app but without the InD integration, it may be more challenging for us to make the switch than it should be!