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    Lightroom Catalog Files

    ZdC Level 1

      I recently switched to using Lightroom CC.  Can I delete the files for Lightroom 5 files now? 


      Also, what is the ‘Lightroom Catalog.Ircat-journal’ file?  And the ‘Lightroom Catalog.lrcat.lock’ file?



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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          If you are happy with the way LR 6/cc is working, and you have migrated your LR5 catalog(s) to LR6, then you can delete the LR5 catalogs and their preview folders. I would recommend saving a copy of the LR 5 catalogs just in case.


          The journal and lock files are stuff you should not play with.

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            ZdC Level 1

            Joe, Lightroom CC appears to be working OK.  I did not consciously ‘migrate’ my LR5 catalog to LR6.  Could it have occurred automatically?  I will indeed save a copy of the LR 5 catalog and leave the ‘journal’ and ‘lock’ files well alone.