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    Change to Color Effect Question


      Hi so this is only my second year really using after effects and I havent really used this feature before. But basically I want to turn the color of the water kettle. Its originally white. Now I dont expect the color change to match the kettle exactly.But when I use the feature to color the kettle from white to pink ( a light color) it works quite well actually. But when I try to color it a darker color it doesnt work. I have to change the hue, lightness and sat for it have any effect but it doesnt fully fill it like the pink one. How do I only change the hue to a brown color. Ive messed around with it for a couple of hours now and I am kind of stuck. Is it possible to do for the brown kettle what I did for the pink kettle. I hope this is clear. Let me know if anything needs to be clarified.


      I taped my workflow here. As you could see the brown change to color is very sloppy and doesnt work with only hue. While the pink kettle worked quite well. I didnt include how I got the pink color in the video, but I just enabled/disabled the effect on that clip.


      bandicam 2016 04 04 16 01 42 669 - YouTube


      Any help is appreciated thanks.