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    Adobe Animate CC: Animation Plays Twice?


      I am working in an HTML5 Canvas in Adobe Animate CC.

      I am making a very simple game that begins with a short animated logo. The frames of this animation are jpegs that were imported into the timeline.

      When I test my game in a browser, and when I publish and test my game, the intro animation always plays twice: once very fast, and once at normal speed, before you're able to press the "start" button.


      I thought at first this was just a cookie problem with the browser, but I cleared my cache and it's still happening. Why?

      And, if it is just that all my jpegs need time to render, if I made a "loading" screen, would that fix the problem?

      (BONUS: if that's what i have to do, how does one make a loading screen?)


      Thank you!