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    Coldfusion ORM issue mapping not found when server restarts

    ifsteve Level 1

      Windows 2012, CF11,  IIS


      First, I have the following in my application.cfc:


          this.ormsettings.dbcreate = "update";

          this.ormsettings.flushAtRequestEnd = false;

          this.ormsettings.cfclocation=expandpath('/model'); // I've also tried "C:\full\path\model"


      My models are in my /model folder.


      My error:

      Error while executing the Hibernate query.org.hibernate.hql.internal.ast.QuerySyntaxException:

      List is not mapped [  from List  where listtypeid = 2  and user.userid = ? ] The specific sequence of files included or processed is:

      C:\inetpub\vhosts\xxxx\xxxx\sms\index.cfm, line: 7 "



      <Cfquery name="lists" dbtype="hql">

      from List

      where listtypeid = 2

      and user.userid = <cfqueryparam cfsqltype="cf_sql_integer" value="#session.userid#">



      I have a few calls prior to the cfquery dbtype=hql using entityloadbypk() such as

      <cfset user=entityloadbypk("User",session.userid)>


      that work fine.


      The wierd thing is to fix it... if I go to my models/List.cfc file... add a blank anywhere in the file and save it, and then do an ORMReload(), it comes up with no problem.


      It only happens after the CF service gets restarted.


      Any suggestions?

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          martinp60964990 Level 1

          ifSteve - I've had the same problem recently and can concurr that the entityload etc works fine unless you do a HQL then it breaks.


          I wrote this function which I call as part of my applications setup which basically tests a very basic HQL and if it fails it restarts the Application.


          <cffunction name="testConnection" hint="I make sure ORM has been correctly initiated">



                      <cfquery name="local.prospects" dbtype="hql">

                      from quote

                          where 0 = 1


                      <cfcatch type="any">

                          <cfset applicationStop()>

                          <cflocation url="#cgi.script_name#?#cgi.query_string#" addtoken="no" statuscode="302">






          Hope it helps!