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    Leopard Flex Upgrade Woes


      I've got several Macs running Flex Builder 3 Standard. We purchased a couple of Flex Builder 3 Pro upgrades and I'm running into all sorts of problems doing the install.

      I've finally uninstalled the Standard, killed out all the Flex remnants (including the license.properties file) and reinstalled Pro off of the upgrade CD. When I hit the "manage Flex licenses" option it asks for the Pro license string which I input. It then asks for the original Flex Builder 2 license string. I try using the Builder 3 Standard string, but it rejects it.

      Called Adobe install support -- it's gotten as bad as Quark. Two hours of being tossed around support people until I got one guy who insisted I use a special Applescript to uninstall every piece of Adobe software on my machine and start from scratch.

      Does anyone have an easier, saner fix? We love Flex, but the installs and configurations are killing us!


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          Tariq Ahmed [ACP] Level 1
          Does installing to a different location help any?
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            jrunrandy Adobe Employee
            I asked around and got the following answer:

            "We've had occasional reports of problems with licensing on Leopard, usually related to folder/file permission issues with license.properties, or with the hidden bin files.

            Generally, after permissions are repaired the problem resolves."

            So, I guess you should find the license.properties files and check the file and folder permissions.

            Sorry it took so long to respond,
            Randy Nielsen
            Flex Documentation Manager
            Adobe Systems Incorporated
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              moriabane58 Level 1

              It just seems that the Flex Builder 3 Pro update software is looking for a Builder 2 licensing string to update. It doesn't recognize the Builder 3 Standard licensing string. Really, really frustrating. Anyone want to swap a copy of Builder 3 Standard for Builder 2?

              Can't wait to Adobe moves to its SAS model and we can stop this installation nonsense.

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                C. Agruss (Adobe) Level 3
                Hi Jon,

                Sorry that the upgrade licensing is causing pain. Reading back through your initial steps up above, I think the problem is that you're entering an FB3 Standard SN, when it's asking for an FB2 SN.

                Because it's prompting you for an FB2 number, that means the FB3 Pro upgrade SN you have is specifically only for upgrading from FB2 to FB3 Pro, not for upgrading FB3 Standard to FB3 Pro.

                The upgrade SNs come from different SKUs this way, depending on what type of upgrade you're doing.

                If you just feed it an FB2 number there, it should work as expected. If you don't have one, and really thought you were purchasing upgrades from FB3 Standard to FB3 Pro, let us know, as then it would seem that someone here at Adobe sold you the wrong upgrade.

                Either way, let us know, and we'll do everything possible to get this resolved for you quickly.

                Sorry again for the hassle.