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    Initializing Mediacore


      Okay, I come to you now in desperation, though having looked through countless thread with the same problem, none of them any help, I'm starting to lose hope.


      I've recently started having problems with After Effects, when I start the program, the splash logo appears, and it says Initializing Mediacore, but after a few seconds it just freezes. This only recently started happening and it was working fine until then, I have not installed anything recently that could be the cause of this. Following troubleshooting techniques have been attempted:


      Uninstall and reinstall, with reboot.

      Change from AE CS6 to AE CC 2015, with reboot.

      I have gotten it to work a couple of times by starting it, and then going into task manager and ending the dynamiclinkmanager.exe process. Though this very rarely works, most of the time dynamiclinkmanager.exe just refuses to end, or it ends but immediately starts up again in the task manager.

      I have cleaned the database & cache, aswell as emptied disk cache.

      Drivers have been updated.

      I have followed the steps in this link After Effects or Premiere Pro crashes after starting, but unsurprisingly, it doesn't work.


      I am using Windows 7, I don't know if you need more specs, feel free to tell me if so.