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    Highlighting now difficult as left marker points up above text, instead of down below text

      In what appears to be a recent update (Aprox. end of March, 2016) to the Adobe reader on my android phone the highlight feature (to copy and paste or strike through or such) much harder to use.



      The key change is that the little bubbles one uses to adjust what is highlighted are now pointing up on top for the left side and down on the right.  They used to be both down (under the text you were trying to work with, out of the way so you could actually see the text you were trying to work with)....it is very hard to use the bubble on the left as your thumb/finger covers what one is trying to highlight so one can't see what they are doing...


      Please tweak the update back to having the bubbles for the highlighting both be on the bottom so one can see what they are doing....


      Please and thank you :-)