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    Scanned book chapter converted to word then back to pdf - final pdf chops off pages



      I downloaded the free trial of Acrobat Pro DC because I was told that instead of having to take manual notes of scanned book chapters in my referencing system, I could convert them to a readable/editable word document then back to a pdf (which is easier to use in the likes of Mendeley, Papers2 etc.).


      I successfully converted the original scan - which has two pages of the book per page, landscape format - into Word, and the landscape format and all text was maintained. That bit was fine. The problem occurred when I tried to convert this word document back to a pdf. At this point, only the left side of each page (so the left page of the open book) was complete and the right side was cut in half. I tried rotating all the text in the word document so that is was flowing sideways across a portrait layout (which is how the original scan was, and I simply rotated it in my reference program). The same thing happened when I tried to convert this to a pdf. The right side of each page was still cut off, even though the Word version had everything there.


      Does anyone have a suggestion how to get around this?