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    How to create video from InDesign presentation




      I want to produce a video file (.mp4 or whatever) of a presentation using the presentational functions (animations, transitions etc.) of InDesign.

      I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT INTERACTIVITY - I do not want a user to interact with the presentation. I just want to produce a VIDEO (Full HD).


      This is what I tried:

      1) Export as interactive PDF

      + Animations and page transitions export fine

      - I can't find a way to convert the resulting PDF to a video file


      2) Export as SWF

      + Animations export fine

      - Page transitions do not export -> no problem, I may export each page separately and then put them together in another program (like Adobe Premiere), BUT...

      - I can't find a way to convert the resulting SWF to a video file that could be opened in Adobe Premiere (I've tried several apps including Adobe Media Encoder)


      3) Export as FLA (and create the video using Flash Professional)

      - Every information about animations and page transitions get lost

      - I would have to rebuild all animations in Flash Professional -> and I want to avoid that.


      These are the options InDesigns offers. None of them work.


      I just want to make use of the very basic animational functions of InDesign and produce a video that can be played on a flat screen via usb-stick.


      Can't be that hard!

      But it truly is (at least for me)!