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    StageWebView event queue

    Davide Berra Level 1



      I got a problem with StageWebView and LocationChanging events.


      Let's say i have an application that shows google maps on a StageWebView.


      AS3 communicate with StageWebView javascript through the LocationChangeEvent.LOCATION_CHANGING events.


      Every time my page Javascript changes location with a code similar to this one


      window.location = "mypage.html?variable=value"


      a LocationChangeEvent.LOCATION_CHANGING event is triggered in AS3 world. By parsing the location field of the event, i can get the value of "variable" that was set in Javascript world.


      Everything works BUT i got a problem if window.location changes too quickly.


      It looks like not every location change (in JS) triggers a LocationChangeEvent.LOCATION_CHANGING event in AS3.


      In my case i got 10 location changes in less than one second but only 3-4 LocationChangeEvent.LOCATION_CHANGING events are triggered.


      How can i fix this? I really need to have a precise match between JS and AS3 events.