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    Flash 8 asset Xtra update - component event workaround

    Ex Malterra Level 1
      Sorry to post so much about this. Lots of us are having major headaches because after the Flash 8 asset Xtra update Flash component events in Director don't behave as they once did.

      BUT I've discovered you can use a combination of addEventListener() and setCallback() to respond to events, at least with the button component. Fortunately this works with the new Shockwave player too. It’s a little convoluted, but at least clicking a button makes stuff happen now.

      It’s easier to let you look at it yourself than try to explain it, I’m getting brain dead from experimenting with this all evening. Click HERE to download the zip file.

      Please look through the code and see if you can come up with anything else to add. Hopefully smarter folks than me will be able to work more of this out. It doesn’t seem like we’re getting any help from Adobe on this. I posted a question on Tom Higgins’ blog today and got an auto response saying he’s on vacation until April 24 and won’t be checking email. He’s usually good about communicating with developers about Director, so with luck he’ll be able to help out. Optimally they’ll fix the durn thing. If you have time please post anything you discover regarding components after installing the new asset Xtra.