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    Bind Hidden Data to Text Input

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      I am looking for a way to bind hidden data (number strings) to text fields, so that when a button is clicked the text fields get automatically populated with the hidden data.

      This is what I have:


      // Adding Hidden Numbers to Text Input Fields on Click Event

      private var _boundText1:String = "123456";
      private var _boundText2:String = "78910";

      private function updateInfo():void
      dispatchEvent(new Event("getNumbers"));

      But the script is automatically placing the numbers in the text input fields, and not waiting for the click event "updateInfo()".

      Is there an easy solution that I'm missing?

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          Um okay, your code is kind of confusing. Here's how I would do it. When ever you want to set the text fields to the magical strings you either use a function or an event. Lets assume we have 2 textfields name textfield_1 and textfield_2.

          public function someEvent(event:Event):void
          textfield_1.text = var _boundText1;
          textfield_2.text = var _boundText2;