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    Lightroom 6 Windows 10 problem...Write-protected photo ? Or what´s the problem ?


      I have several problems with my Lightroom 6 (Windows 10) when I try to use the Google NIK Collection for editing:

      • When I right click on the picture in Lightroom there are three options, basically edit a copy or the original file. I cant edit a copy of a picture, only the original file. When I try to edit a copy "/.../JPG could not be opened because it does not exist or access to it was denied."
      • When I try to edit the original file: first there is a warning that the photo is "write-protected" but I can go forward from that and edit the file in Dfine2 for example. But when the file is edited and I want to Save there is another error. "The file cannot be written. Please make sure that the file is not write protected and that you have the sufficent access rights for the file."


      When I look at the picture on my computer it isn´t write-protected ?


      What´s the problem ?