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    Ray-tracing on GPU with AMD Radeon?


      I just bought a brand-new Macbook Pro that has an AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2048 MB graphics card. It's plenty powerful, and it was basically the only option because it seems that Apple has turned away from the NVIDIA cards in their latest lineup in favor of the AMD Radeon. But in After Effects, I get the message, "Ray-tracing on the GPU requires an approved NVIDIA graphics card and CUDA 5.0 or later." I'm interested in speeding up the rendering process and the whole idea of getting a new machine was to make sure that everything works perfectly and all features are available. So what are Mac users to do if you can't get an NVIDIA graphics card in their new machines? Not do GPU ray-tracing? Switch to PC? Wait for Adobe to update this feature to work with the card? Is there a patch? I have 14 days to decide whether to ditch this machine. Thanks!