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    App "Cannot be installed in your home country"


      Hey everyone,


      I recently started the 30-day trial of the Adobe Creative Cloud and successfully downloaded the application on my Mac except I am having issues trying to download it on my Blackberry Priv (running Android). On the Google Play website page, first it says "The app is incompatible with your device" and after clicking it, I get "No carrier Blackberry STV100-4". Additionally, when I press the install button and the "choose a device" window shows up, under the No carrier Blackberry STV100-4 message, it also says "The item cannot be installed in your item's country".


      Now to give some context, I am currently travelling in Croatia (where I first downloaded and installed the trial) and am moving back to Denmark in a week's time. My permanent residence is in Canada. I also have both Canadian and Danish credit cards that I can use if I decide to end up paying for the membership.


      My question is simple, how can I get Lightroom installed on my phone?


      Thanks everyone for your time to read my inquiry. Hope to hear a reply back soon!


      - Justin