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    Missing htm

      I'm new on a Webhelp project, coming from a RoboHelp for Word background. I updated our help (stored on a shared drive) and generated Webhelp, but now the help is no longer on the drive and I cannot display the help. Is this possibly a permissions problem? I notice that the folder is set to Read Only.

      Dan Gill
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          MergeThis Level 4
          You can store projects/files on a server, but you must work the project on your local machine.

          1. Copy the source files to your machine.
          2. Edit source files and generate output to your machine.
          3. Publish output to the server.
          4. Copy modified source files to server for storage and backup.

          Good luck,
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            I was working on a local drive and publishing to a shared drive. We solved this problem by getting the permissions to my own PC upgraded. Chalk up another one to over-heightened security.
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              ElisaFnord Level 2
              Yeah, my own laptop made me take off my shoes and sit in a gray plastic tray last time I used it!

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