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    Lightroom development settings missing after a Computer virus removal


      Dear all,


      I have a problem with finding my development settings in Lr. I had problem with virus a couple of days ago where all my files was encrypted. A so called ransomeware RSA 4096 virus caused it. They have (Norton antivirus support) removed the virus for me but they told me that there was nothing I could do with my picture files on my computers hard drive. The result was that I had to remove every file I had stored. Luckely, I performed a back-up, 2 days before (to my external hard drive) my computer was infected. The problem is, when I try to use my back-up catalog I cannot get access to my development settings in the pictures. Everything is at zero. Raw file is in place and I can of course start editing the picture again but that is a lot of work. The other strange thing is that all my exported JPG files is also showing up in the catalog and I really don't know why.. I'm maybe an amateur but I would appreciate some help, because it frustrates me a lot :-(


      Best wishes,