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    Best external hard drive to work with LR


      I have a WDMycloud NAS drive that I import my photos to. I have been having getting error messages in some of my photos in the develop mode that file is missing/can't be found. I read an article by David Marx that stated "Important Warning: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is not a network ready application. Your Photoshop Lightroom Catalog cannot be launched from a network attached storage disks (NAS). In addition, most Network Attached Storage devices are slow and error prone which makes them inappropriate choice for your image photo storage needs. External storage devices that connect to the computer via Ethernet are a poor choice for image storage. NAS disks are adequate for backup copies but that is there only purpose in digital photography."

      Sounds like this could be part of my missing file problem. I'm thinking of getting a Seagate external drive. Does anyone have recommendations as to which one works best with LR?


      Thank you all for your help