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    loadSound not working in IE but works in Firefox??! Help!

      Greetings all,

      I've posted this in the general forum with no luck, so I thought I'd try here.

      A simple flash movie, using a loadSound method, works correctly in FireFox/Safari in our production environment, but IE will NOT play any sound.
      All browsers work just fine in our staging environment, suggesting a difference between these two systems.
      When loading the movie in IE, the progress bar jumps from 0% to 100%, which suggests it's found the file, but will never play it. In FF/Safari, the progress bar fills up gradually, as expected.

      I've tried adding the mp3 mime type to our Apache configuration (AddType audio/mpeg .mp3), which didn't seem to have an effect. Linking to the mp3 file in different ways--literal vs. relative--doesn't seem to have an effect.

      This bug is holding back a pretty major new site component, if anyone has ANY ideas, please let me know!!