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    LR catalog gone

    jmcg2222 Level 1

      When I'm working in Illus and Photoshop sometimes I utilize the cloud - but never for LR - I always keep my home catalog and work catalog seperate. I've never moved any catalog into my cloud folder. Today I opened my home LR and maybe didn't read the first screen correctly and boom - the catalog is completely empty. I do have backups - but wondering what happened? How do I keep signed out on LR to avoid this thing. I don't want any sync or mobile options enabled in LR!!


      I'm running Mac/EL Cap and keep my home LR in Users/___/Pictures/

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          Chetna Srivastava Adobe Employee

          Hi jmcg,


          Lightroom Catalog is stored either locally on your machine or on the drive that you choose. The syncing is not enabled by default.

          The syncing option is available only to sync specific images/collections with mobile through Lightroom Web which can be disabled.

          Click on the dropdown menu on top left under the Identity plate and choose to pause the Lightroom Mobile syncing to disable syncing.


          Did you open the correct catalog today?
          You can probably go under File> Open Recent > check if there is another catalog which had to be opened.

          Or, may be the exact message that appeared can help us to know what exactly happened.




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            jmcg2222 Level 1

            Thanks yes, one of my hard drives for some reason wasn't showing up - rebooted and all is fine. Is there a way I can move my catalog from an older hD to my new SSD drive? I'd still like to keep the photos on the older HD but wondering if performance wise it would be advantageous to have the catalog on an SSD?

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              Chetna Srivastava Adobe Employee

              Thanks for the update.

              It is always good to have the catalog on faster SSD.

              Yes, you can move the catalog.

              Follow these steps for that :

              • Quit Lightroom
              • Go to the location where catalog is stored > copy .lrcat and Previews.lrdata folder from there and move it on the SSD drive manually where you want to store it.
              • Launch Lightroom directly from the new location and it would update the location