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    cfhttp GET cookie issue

      I want to cfhttp get a file from a yahoo groups site that I belong to. I am trying to use cfhttp GET to do this. You wouldn't think it'd be rocket science... but maybe it is. Here's the code, stripped for privacy:

      method = "Get"
      url=" http://groups.yahoo.com/group/stargate/message/1.html"
      path="C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Domains\ [etc matching my hard drive] "
      userAgent = "Cold Fusion"
      resolveURL = "no"
      throwOnError = "no"
      {cfhttpparam name="G" type="Cookie" value="long-ol-string-entered-as-cookie-in-myfilezilla-cookies-area"}

      With or without adding in the username/pw params, no matter what I do, it gets the first part, writes the file which tells me in the html content:

      {div class="ygrp-contentblock"}
      Your browser is not accepting our cookies. To view this page,
      please set your browser preferences to accept cookies. (Code 2)
      {a href=" http://groups.yahoo.com/group/stargate/message/1.html"}Try Again{/a}

      I am guessing that CF's idea to "encrypt" cookies is somehow related to this, that yahoo is not recognizing the cookie that I am providing. Surely this has got to be a very common need of people! -- to get a page which requires a cookie to be passed -- and I can't believe there is so little decent documentation on it on the livedocs area.

      Does anybody know of a solution to this? Is there any way to get CF *not* to encrypt the cookie? Or some other work around??