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    Simple AE project: How do I place one video clip (of a girl talking) "inside" another video clip (of a television) to make it look like the girl is on the television?


      Hi! I've been using After Effects pretty much only with templates, so I don't have much experience with creating my own projects in it. I'm trying to do something that seems pretty simple, but I'm having difficulty. Basically, I have one stock video clip that shows a hand clicking a remote control toward a wall-mounted television. The television screen has some grain/static for a couple of seconds and then there is a green screen. I have another video clip of a little girl talking and I want to put the second video clip "inside" the first one so that it looks like the girl is talking on the television that's being turned on. That's it. Can anyone please, please advise as to how to make this happen? Thank you, in advance, for your time and your patience with this newbie inquiry!