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    Shopping cart & hotel reservation system - seeking advice

    bunner bob
      I'm a Flash/AS3 developer working on a proposal for a Flash-based site for a resort hotel. The site will include a store/cart for selling branded merchandise and a reservation system. I figured rather than reinvent the wheel, I would seek out off-the-shelf options for these components that could be customized and skinned to fit the site.

      Anyone have experience with any off-the-shelf systems, good or bad?

      On the cart front, I found a couple of lightweight-seeming options (flashcart.com and dreamlinestudio.com) and one that is starting to look like it might do the trick (levelfourstorefront.com). The latter uses a database, has order processing and a fairly extensive admin system. Plus (if you buy the developer version) you can get the source files, so can really customize it.

      Haven't found much of anything on the reservation system front.

      I thought perhaps folks here might have run across some solutions, or have advice or opinions - positive or negative - on some of the options out there.


      - Bob