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    Chinese characters appearing in topic

    NL_Derek-GsBV5a Level 1
      Hallo. I run RH7.03.001 under Windows XP, make CHM files, not on a network.

      I have just cleaned up some image files in my project; replacing spaces in filenames by underscores and replacing BMP files by PNGs. Reviewing the results I noticed that three (of the two dozen) topics edited had picked up an extra line at the beginning and end of the topic. The line contains 2-6 chinese-looking characters alternated with open boxes.

      I viewed the HTML and in each case it is one line between the <body> tag and the first <h1> tag; and one line after the last </p> tag and before the terminal </body> </html>.

      I deleted the offending lines and regenerated the CHM; a quick check shows no strange characters; but I do not know how to search exhaustively. (I made copies of the *.htm files before editing, just in case.)

      Has anyone else seen such a phenomenon?

      --- Derek