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    Web site to mobile




      I have written a website where you can register and find other registered users and so on. In order for this to work I have, naturally, constructed several files. I am using HTML, Javascript, CSS, Java EE. I am connecting to a database and lots more.


      I now want this website to be visible on my phone. In other words, I want to "wrap" my current website to the phone, and if I understand PhoneGap correctly, it should do exactly this. I am trying to use PhoneGap. I have read the docs and the "getting started" guide. Everything works. But how can I make it so it shows MY website?


      The index.html file in www folder has some code that I can change. But I have several files. I cannot just copy all the code into this index.html file.


      So how can I solve this? Perhaps a good guide exists out there but I cannot find one.

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          jcesarmobile_ Adobe Community Professional

          You didn't understand it correctly, phonegap is not for wrapping websites, it's for creating apps using web technologies (html, css, javascript).

          It might seem the same, but it isn't.


          Wrapping websites is technically possible with phonegap, but it's a bad practise and it's against apple guidelines, so your app can be rejected on the app store. Google

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            dennisf15745579 Level 1

            Oh okay, thanks.


            I just have one more question then. You mentioned html, css, javascript. My website uses several java classes. More specifically, I have javascript, css, html and java ee files. I'm guessing phonegap won't work in that case, correct?

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              jcesarmobile_ Adobe Community Professional

              Yo can build your app with html, css and javascript (client), and use java ee on the server to access your database and generate webservices.

              Then you can use AJAX on the client to access that webservices.


              But on a phonegap app you can only use java for android and blackberry plugins.



              If you just point to your website, then it will work with phonegap, but you don't need phonegap for that, you can use a regular webview, or even better, a web browser