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    Captivate Interactions

    brunie88 Level 1
      I'm having difficulty getting my Captivate interactions to work properly after I import the files into Presenter. The settings are for the action to "hold" until a click from the user. In Presenter the action is blown through without the pause. I've enabled the setting to make the action independent of the Presenter toolbar, but that goofs up the timing. Any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated. Note: I've published the files with Flash v8 and v9.
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          teachmemyphone Level 1
          My understanding is that Actionscript is ignored in Presenter. So the stop command from Flash is blown by. I've been working around that by redoing content in Captivate. I hope that helps a little.
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            With interactions, there is really no concept of timing in Captivate (as it depends on the user about how much would be taken on 1 slide).
            I think the best way to handle such cases in Presenter is to set "Advance By User" for this particular slide. This adds a nuisance for the end-user to make an extra click after slide completion but would take care of what you require.