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    Canon EOS 750D Raw-Files

    Lars P. Level 1

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      Hi there!

      It's been a few months ago, since I started photographing with my new Canon EOS 750D. I also started editing my photos with Lightrooms 5.7.1. The only point, that doesn't satisfy me is that I can't open my Raw-Files after taking those pictures with my camera. I'm really sad about the few photos I did in raw, but can't use. Is there any possiblity to convert this files to normal JPEGs or even better - open them directly in Lightrooms?


      I would be grateful if you attend to this matter as soon as possible,

      With kind regards

      Lars P.

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          LR 5.7.1 came out Dec 2014.  The 750D was announced after that, Feb 2015, with the sale date sometime later.


          The 750D requires LR 6.0 or newer.  This would be a payfor upgrade from LR 5.


          You can purchase an upgrade to LR 6.0 for US $80 and get only features LR 6.0 had, or start a CC Photography subscription for US $120/year billed US $10/month to received LR CC 2015 with features added after LR 6.0, or use the free DNG Converter to create DNGs from your raw files and those DNGs but not the raws, will open in the older LR. 


          The DNG Converter is here:  http://www.aodbe.com/downloads/updates/


          LR 6 and LR CC 2015 can be purchased, here, although I’d suggest a trial for LR CC, first, to make sure it is compatible with your computer:  http://www.adobe.com/products/catalog/software.html


          To do the trial, instead of clicking Buy next to LR CC or LR, click the LR link, itself, and click Download to get started.  The trial is always LR CC.  If you decide to go with LR 6, you’ll lose a few new features like Dehaze and Boundary Warp for panos and B/W adjustment brushes.

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            Lars P. Level 1

            Thank you for your quick answer and the given solutions.   Especially I didn't knew about the payfor upgrade, just used the older version, which my brother already acquired.