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    How to make an interactable movie?

    AmethystDragon Level 1

      Hello, I'm currently testing out Animate CC trial version. And I wanted to know if it's possible to make an interactable movie.


      Essentially what I have in mind for this test is this:


      I have made 3 clips in a 3D software.


      The first clip shows two grinding gears stuck with some scrap metal in between them, and they are trying to grind but can't because of the scrap metal. So in this clip we have a loop of the gears trying to rotate but can't.


      Then I created an invisible button where the scrap is. And this is where I'm stuck on. I want the button to go to the second clip which shows the scrap being removed, and then immediatly go to the third clip where we then see the Gears grinding normally in a loop.


      Can I make this using ActionScript? And if so, how exactly? I can't seem to find any information on it.