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    Lightroom "lost" lens correction profile


      I'm running lightroom 5 on a macbook pro with OS10.8.5

      I have successfully made a lens profile with the Adobe profile creator and it has worked for about 7 month.

      Then suddenly yesterday the profile was nowhere to be found within lightroom.

      I checked in the user library at: user/library/application support/adobe/cameraraw/lensprofiles/1.0/

      and the profile was still in there. All my research indicates, this is where it belongs.

      But when I open lightroom, it is not displayed in the lens correction section lists anymore. I have used it just the other day!

      I have trashed lightroom preferences to no avail. How can I get lightroom to re-recognize a profile that it had recognized before???

      I have even re-created the lens profile with profile creator again and gave it a slightly different name and saw that it was put in the same user library folder as the original one.

      Any ideas anyone?