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    Khmer OS font problem in After Effects and Photoshop, but not Illustrator or InDesign

    Eric Allin

      I'm working on a text animation that is being translated into many languages. One of those languages is Khmer (Cambodia and the region) and for that, I'm using the font Khmer OS.

      The word "ស្លាកសញ្ញា" (displays correctly here) works fine in Illustrator and InDesign, but in Photoshop and After Effects it shows up as 6 distinct characters, and isn't correct at all to the reviewers of the project. Khmer OS is a TrueType Font, and I'm afraid I don't know the origin (I got it from the people I'm working for).

      Does this happen with any other language or font? Why might it be that AE messes up the presentation, while the other applications do fine?