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    Glacially slow importing in Lightroom 6

    danlmac Level 1

      Hey Folks - I need help with what could be an enormous problem. I'm using Lightroom 6 on my Mac, running El Capitan, and for several months it's been fine. Yesterday, I noticed that it took about 4 times longer than usual to import images. Today, the problem is much worse - unbelievably slow. So far it's taken THIRTY-FIVE minutes (and counting) to import a single image. A typical photo session of mine is usually around 200 images, so I've got a big problem.

      I've upgraded to Lightroom 6.5, but it hasn't helped. Unchecked the Use Graphics Processor box. No help. That's the only setting I've changed.

      Any thoughts? I'm in a panic, and would appreciate any help I can get.

      Many thanks.


      Also, I'm not sure this is important, but I should add that I always import photo files to an external drive. In case it was an issue with the drive (it never has been a problem,) I just tried importing them to the computer hard drive, and received a message that the "files were not imported because they could not be read." That was strange, too.