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    Preview image in Develop module temporarily turning very dark while loading.

    etherize Level 1

      After the latest LR update, when I'm in the Develop module and click on a thumbnail, the image in the main window displays normally for a few seconds, then turns very dark for a few seconds, then finally pops back to normal. 

      This doesn't happen with every image all the time, and even with the same image it doesn't happen every time (about 90% of the time, however).  Sometimes if I click on another image afterwards, then go back to the first one, it doesn't turn dark at all.  Also, while most images turn VERY dark; some just dim.  The randomness is strange.

      I guess it's just a loading issue (although sometimes there is no "loading" message OR spinning wheel), and it's not a huge problem, but it's annoying and it IS slowing down my workflow.

      When importing, I select "build 1:1 previews."  I shoot RAW images with my Nikon, and RAW+jpg with my Fujis and it happens with all these files, as well as saved PSD files. Again, it didn't happen before the latest update.

      Is this some kind of memory issue with LR or a problem with the catalog?