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    Is bone tool accurate?

    Gold Binder

      First l should apologise for my English.


      Ok. This is the first time I have used Animate CC, especially bone tool. That is my first impression of this tool which does not impress anymore (or may be I did some thing wrong). At first I found that I could not drag the bone to connect another symbol at the expect point. It alway snapped itself to any point nearly (I had already unchecked all snapping) and the pivot point did not exactly at the end position of the bone. Yet, it was not a serious problem. I used the Free transform Tool to move pivot to the expect point manually and it could pose as I expect (after I tested it. I undid it to the previous position before I had tested the pose). But. after that I found, after I zoomed out to view layer in out line mode, the others symbols that also connected by bone tool are moved form their previous position, a little but moved. I didn’t know what it happen. though I did not move or done any thing with them. Next I found the pivots that I had moved manually could change position themselves. First, I understood that may be I forgot to move connected symbol a little during I had connected the bones. Even at a later time I did it very carefully to not move any things, but it still happened, and the symbols still moved themselves. So I did not animated and made or moved the poses correctly.


      Can anyone tell me this is normal for this tool or I did something wrong?


      Thank in advance.


      Ps. I think Animate CC history is really suck. It work redundancy.