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    Problem with virtual copy exports - JPEG vs DNG


      Hi all - just a quick question - I have a set of developed photos in LIghtroom that include several virtual copies which I now want to export to as final versions to my hard drive. All of the virtual copies are B&W versions of the masters (post-processing work also differs slightly on top of the b&w preset).

      I need a patch of JPEGs as well as DNGs.
      Exporting JPEGs seems to work without a hitch and all pics come out as in Lightroom.
      Exporting DNGs however come up with an issue - all virtual copies come out as pictures themselves ie. not virtual copies, but they are not anymore b&w as they are supposed to be but come out as color.

      Color version masters come out good. The virtual copy exports have different look (as expected) and slightly different file size (also expected?) suggesting to me that only thing that is missing is the b&w setting.

      I've tried everything to solve this with no avail - exporting the virtual copies separately etc. Like said - JPEG works but DNG doesnt...

      Anyone experienced this and if so any suggestions on how to resolve...?


      Many thks!!