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    Latest folders imported are not seen in Lightroom 6 - unless I startup Lightroom by entering the memory-card in reader


      I have encountered this issue a couple of times. Just now I see the pattern more clearly, so that I can report it.


      I have imported a large number of files from several memory cards. The files are added to several folders in my Windows directory - using Lightrooms Import.

      After that I have done some sorting / rating / editing etc - lots of work.

      All seems to be well.

      However when I next start up Lightroom the newest forlders are not in the LR-catalog - the folders are not presented to me, the most recent import is shown as an older import from earlier on.

      The new files are still on the harddrive - but seems to be 'forgotten' by Lightroom - and all my editing etc. seems to be lost !!!


      Only if I start up Lightroom by entering the memory-card into the card-reader, which auto-starts Lightroom, I see the files and my editing-work again in Lightroom.

      I tried several times with/without the memory-card. The pattern is consistent.


      I checked: No data has been written to the memory-card during import or editing, so I do not understand the effect of the memory-card at all.


      I need help to understand and fix this.