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    Time traveling on the forum!

    jcesarmobile_ Adobe Community Professional

      When I go to my profile, I can see that my last access was on "4 de junio de 2016", that's the 4th of June 2016. I've time traveled!!!!



      Jokes apart, what I want with this thread is to repport that you have a bug on the globalization of the forum, as todays date in dd-mm-yyyy format is 6-4-2016 (6th April 2016), but you use the mm-dd-yyyy format (4-6-2016), so, when you translate that date to spanish text, it becomes "4 de junio de 2016".


      If I set my preferences to use english it's displayed correctly



      I've only seen this on the "last access" section of the profiles, dates on the forum messages are displayect correctly.