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    images and text boxes disappear

      I have a Director application which has a very peculiar problem. My application has both Flash (MX 2004) and Director components (MX 2004 v 10.1). By keeping the application open, I lock the machine and keep it idle for 2 minutes. When I unlock the machine, the Director components ( some jpg image loaded into Director and text boxes )became invisible but flash components (swf files loaded into Director) are visible.

      If I change the resolution of the machine, then the invisible Director components became visible. Can anybody let me know what could be issue and how we can address this?
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          Chunick Level 3
          it sounds like a redraw issue because when flash is on the stage it takes control of that part of the stage and handles it's own redraw... so, maybe try this in a frame script, for example:

          the stagecolor = the stagecolor

          that's an old undocumented command... don't know if it will work with flash components that come with Director, but it's worth a shot.