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    Open without TOC

    mr.scribbler Level 1
      Can anyone tell me how to show Help without the TOC showing, by default? Users can then decide to display the TOC by clicking the Contents button in the toolbar.(I am using FlashHelp, btw)

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          MergeThis Level 4
          Don't point the users to the "Start page" (the first field in the first Generate window), which is the file that contains the frameset navigation instructions.

          Good luck,
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            I am using Robox5 with WebHelp Pro Output.............I know where the generate window is but not understanding what I need to point to. Please advise.

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              RoboWizard Level 4
              Hi all

              Mike, the only way I've ever managed to do this is by fudging things using some JavaScript. Not sure if it would work for FlashHelp, but I'm thinking it should probably work. Hop over to my RoboWizard site and download my Skinny on Skins file. I've explained what to do inside it. Basically, you create some JavaScript that causes the TOC panel to briefly be shown, then disappear.

              I presume what Leon was suggesting was that you just point to a topic in your project. And if you do this the user will see a "Show" link they click to see the whole enchilada. But that won't quite accomplish what you are asking. Which is to keep the main toolbar visible (just not the TOC).

              Cindi, I'm not sure exactly how the WebHelp Pro functions for opening single topics. Might be the same as WebHelp, but somehow I'm thinking it probably isn't. You may wish to consider posting the question again in a thread all its own. Please ensure that you specify WebHelp PRO right up front so those familiar with it may easily see.

              Cheers... Rick