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    Minimum Window Width in XP?

      I have an application which uses a tool palette and inspectors. One palette in particular needs to be about 20-30px in order to look right. On the Mac this works perfectly. In Windows XP, it seems the windows cannot be any narrower than 80 or so pixels. Why is this? I tried the WindowSampler application and all those windows have the same problem. If you pick a width below 80 or so pixels it will ignore what you chose and set the width to whatever that minimum value is. System/Flex chrome, doesn't matter.

      We're currently using a class which extends NativeWindow to represent the palette but I have seen the same issue with other types of AIR windows.

      I'm guessing this is something very simple I'm missing because it's late but it seems crazy to me the OS would inflict such a large minimum width. Any help appreciated!
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          Joe ... Ward Level 4
          NativeWindow.systemMinSize will report the minimum window size on a system. (It's 127x27 on my Win XP system, for example). I don't think you are missing anything here.

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            pkrekelberg Level 1
            Thanks Joe. So, to make these narrow palettes, would you recommend transparent/no chrome/showFlexChrome false with custom chrome thus "hiding" the portion of the window over the 20-or-so-pixels? Or is there a better technique?
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              Joe ... Ward Level 4
              Unfortunately, that workaround won't work very well on Linux. On Linux, you can't click through transparent areas like you can on Windows and Macs. If you -really- need that narrow window, you could special case it for Windows, but I'd recommended designing your way out of the problem.

              The only other technique I can think of is to create a palette that is just a sprite floating over the window. This constrains it to it's parent window boundaries, so that may not work for all cases.

              You should also make a request for the ability to create narrower windows at http://www.adobe.com/go/wish providing your use case.
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                pkrekelberg Level 1
                I'm trying to use Brett's technique: http://www.graviti.tv/blog/?p=75

                ...to style the windows and set up the custom chrome in a way that will be easy to maintain. His technique seems a little heavy-handed so I may have to boil it down some but it seems pretty nice. I can NOT figure out how to make the mxml/css method work for a secondary window (mx:Window component), although it appears very simple to work with for the main application window. I'd love to use an extended NativeWindow, too, but that seems even more difficult than trying to get mx:Window to work.