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    Alt code shortcut for subscript text




      Does anyone know the Alt code for subscript text in InDesign CC? The Alt code for superscript (ALT+0178) works fine. However when I try the code I use in Word for subscript (ALT+8322) I am given an é instead. It's odd, as it works fine in Word.


      I know I could use Ctrl Shift -- instead, but when I use that I get overrides on my paragraph style. Same thing happens when I use Glyphs. I like the Alt codes because I don't get overrides so I know I wont accidentally clear my overrides and lose my subscript text.


      Many thanks

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          winterm Level 5

          ALT codes do not format existing characters, they insert new ones.

          So, your code Alt+0178 inserts "square sign", like ALT+8322 inserts é.

          Just like ALT+0185 inserts ¹, ALT+0179 inserts ³ . Number of such chars is limited.

          To format (any) existing character, use appropriate button in Control panel or, better approach, create Character style(s) for superscript and/or subscript.

          There are additional choices if Open Type font is used.