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    Scale Textures?

      Is it possible to scale textures? For example take line-diag 2, can increase the width of the lines?
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          JoeDaSilva Level 4
          You could do a custom texture to achieve the desired effect. Basically you'd create a tile-able image, save it off somewhere and then select "other" in the texture drop-down and then browse to your tile you created.
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            southdaytona Level 1
            Thanks JoeyD, I'll give that a try!

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              That looks like a wrong way. It should be made like pattern scale controls or something. When I work on iOS UI I have to create 2xtextures for my designs. I could save a lot of time avoiding that.

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                Linda Nicholls Level 4

                Textures do not scale. You can scale the patterns, however, and you can trick Fireworks into thinking a texture is a pattern. Here's how.


                1) Click the Pattern fill button (FW CS6), or choose Pattern fill from the fill drop down list (FW CS5 and earlier).

                2) Scroll to the bottom of the list of patterns and select "Other".

                3) Browse to the FW Textures folder on your hard drive and click on the texture you want to use to select it.

                4) Click on the "Open" button.


                The texture will fill the object just as it usually does, but it will have the pattern adjustment handles.


                Have fun!