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    The problem of "composite fonts" really driven me CRAZY! plz help~

    sutzuhao Level 1

      I am using inDesign to write a book in chinese and english.

      So I need to create a composite font.

      But from time to time, the composite font would crash (maybe file missing temporarily), and the chinese characters all become a mess(gibberish).


      If I reopen the indd file, the composite font would become normal again, but tends to crash minutes later.

      The following image is the normal status:



      And the following image is captured when the problem occurs:  (you can note that the font "scm" has become "[scm]". It means the composite font got missing somehow.)

      If I delete the composite font, and undo, the composite font would get normal again. But it will crash again and again.



      I have tried to reinstall the indesign app, but it didn't help.

      My laptop is macbook pro, OS X version 10.11.4 (newest update).

      The inDesign app is the newest version, too.


      Please help me to resolve this problem!! It really bothers me a lot.

      Any suggestion will do. Thank you!!